Should I be astnoshied?

I was not aware of the issue that the verdict of sensational case of Dr. Sheikh Taher Ahmed murder was scheduled on 22nd May, 2008. Last night while passing the TV room in my Hall (Shahid Shohrawardi Hall), I thought to see the news (as it was going then). After a while the news presenter presented, most probably with some pain, that the verdict has sentenced four to death and surprisingly acquitting the former RU Islami Chhatra Shibir president Mahbubul Alam Salehi, a suspected mastermind of the killing.

Its really a surprising news that this mastermind was found not to be guilty! Really a strange case! I am confused about some factors! As the decision of court can’t be criticized, then my question goes to the media! Why the media was so bubbled about Salehi? Is this for he is a member of Chhatra Shibir? If he was not guilty or accused, then why the media broadcasted so highly about his involvement in the murder case. Is not it proved that the media was overwhelming about him? I request media to show sensible and discovery reaction about any matter. Otherwise they will loose public belief. Continue reading →

Dream comes true

My father and brother came to Rajshahi yesterday to see me. Today early in the morning, while padding my cycle 😀 and going to hotel to meet my father and brother and see them off, I was thinking, that this Caretaker Govt. is not fully operational. They are not really trying to remove corruptions. Because, they are not arresting the supreme leaders of corruption. Hasina, Khaleda, Nijami, Erashad etc. are the leaders. Most of the leaders (better to say almost all) are corrupted and related to corruptions directly and/or indirectly. Without their tolerance, the whole team could not do such crimes. So they should also be arrested and legal action should be taken again to them too. If the root of the grass is not pulled out, the grass will grow again. Continue reading →