Joomla 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook Review

Well, I came to this book  when I was looking for a Project Management Tool inside Joomla. It is because, I am working on a project where clients handles several persons (developers, researchers etc.) and he wants to manage the tasks himself that he assigned to others. Being familiar with Joomla, it is comfortable for him to get something inside Joomla.

While searching for an easy manual for him, I somehow found this book. When I got this book, I found exactly what I wanted in its 7th Chapter where it discussed about ProjectFork. I found that it is clearly and easily described how to configure & us Projectfork. Moreover, sufficient number of images/screenshots have been included on every sections. Sometimes images talk much than texts.

Now I can recommend the same book to Project Owner so that he can take help from it too. I am sure, it will be quite easy for him to use ProjectFork following this book.

I have read few other chapters (for example: chapter about Docman as it will also be needed in this project) and I am amazed to see its lucid descriptions. In every section, there are sufficient screenshots that will greatly help the newbies, the book is mainly intended to. Overall it contains more than 80 recipes of doing something with Joomla. The interesting part is that, you don’t need any programming skills for following these. Little familiarity with Joomla will be sufficient to follow the guidelines. However, the numerous screenshots are included which will make the reading comfortable.

The reader of this book will learn the following things (copied from original site): Continue reading →

How I have solved the “The plugin generated xxxx characters of unexpected output during activation” problem

Recently this problem troubled me a lot. All time I try to activate my plugin, I get the following error:

The plugin generated 1186 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

After several attempts of debugging, I failed to understand why it is coming. The mysterious thing was that, this error was not coming for all WordPress installations!

Today, I decided to read the core files those are responsible for activating and/or deactivating the plugins. When I was reading wp-admin/includes/plugin.php, I saw a action hook ‘activated_plugin’ is available just before throwing the error. I believed, if I monitor what is happening here, I can know the reason of the error. So I wrote a small function to save the errors like:

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Header Image Rotator for Twenty Ten theme of WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is still in RC1. I have already upgraded this blog to this version. I can’t but  simply love the new theme ‘Twenty Ten’ which is default in WordPress 3.0. It is super simple theme.

In this theme, there is option to use custom header image. From the admin panel you can select the header image. However, all of the default banners looked interesting to me and I have also uploaded some of my own shots. I wanted to show them all.

Keeping that in mind, I made this simple plugin, Twenty Ten Image Rotator. Having this plugin installed, you can show all images on the header. Single banner each selected randomly on each page load.

I believe if you love Twenty Ten theme, you will love this plugin too :).

Download from WordPress Plugin Repo

WordPress Category Widgets plugin – display different widgets for different categories

Today, I have developed another plugin for WordPress which I named ‘Category Widgets’ plugin and as usual nothing more peaceful rather than sharing with the community.

Using this plugin, you can display a text widget for any specific category and/or its sub-categories. For example, you want to show different sidebar banners based on different category. It is easy using this plugin. Just create a new widget and select the category.

I have found another plugin for almost the same purpose. That plugin lacks of capability of displaying in the subcategories. That mean it does not work for the sub-categories of the selected category. In this plugin, I have made that feature and also optionally you can disable that feature too.


  1. WordPress 2.8+


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WordPress Plugin :: Adult Post Marker

Hey! Here is my another wordpress plugin. Using this plugin, you can mention a post as inappropriate for non-adult and ask viewer his/her before showing the content to him. If age given age is below your Minimum Age requirement (configurable from settings page), then the viewer can’t see the content.

Moreover, a cookie is set so that persistent tries also restrict from seeing the content. Allmost everything of the plugin can be reconfigured from plugin configuration page.

This plugin is tested with WordPress 2.6.2 and 2.7


Feedback is appreciated.

My first plugin in wordpress plugin repo

May be nothing to be exicited. But its still a moment to remember. Today I have published my latest plugin in WordPress plugin repository. Though I have made two more open source plugins, I did not put them in the repo. But I wanted to put my latest plugin (Blog Post Reordering) to the repo to extend its users. As a result, yesterday I have applied for SVN access and today I got approval.

I have immediately uploaded the files. Now just waiting to get users’ feedback. As I have released RC1 of that plugin, I am waiting for users’ feedback to fix bugs. After fixing these, I will release the final 1.0.

Click here to visit the page in repo.

WordPress Blog/Post Reorder

Until this plugin takes birth, the blog posts of WordPress were arranged on post’s date/time basis. The latest post will be in front and the earlier posts will sink.

From a few days, I was planning about this plugin. I am excited at this beta release of it.

Using this plugin, posts can be reordered or reorganized. Now you can set how blog posts should come one after another. By default, the posts are displayed on time basis. The latest created post comes at first. But now you can set the order in a array of ways. You can also define custom ordering. Continue reading →

WordPress filter posts in homepage…

It happened to me that I have published a post in my blog. But for some reason I don’t like it to be displayed in homepage. So I was finding a solution but end with no result.

So I have developed a quite small plugin to do serve same purpose. Installation is simple. Just activate from Plugins section of WordPress administration area after you unzip the file in plugins directory. That means the files will be inside hil directory inside plugins directory. No adjustments needed in template.

After installing the plugin, a new column Hide in Homepage will be added in the Manage Posts section. Initially you should see the cross icon. That means no post is hidden. Now if you want to hide a post, simply click on the icon. The icon will be changed to tick mark mentioning that post is hidden. If you want to unhide it, again click on the tick. Thats it.

Very simple and sexy! Isn’t it?

Download 1.0beta

Tested with 2.6 & 2.5.1 only! Bug reposts and suggestions are very much welcome :).

WordPress Read Counter Plugin

WordPress Read/Hit Counter Plugin

When WordPress was in 1.5x tree, I have designed a WordPress theme. But I did not ever made a plugin for it though I have studied much on the plugin development system. Actually it was not needed. Every time I need something, I get it online :-). But today I thought I should have some hands on experience on WordPress Plugin Development.

So I started with a very simple plugin. Its a hit counter. I think, there may have a lot of, even nicer, such plugins for WordPress. But still I made my one. Its v0.5 release. Continue reading →

PunBB Plugin

I have worked a bit with PunBB specially to improve Projanmo Forum.

Today, I wanted to practice a bit with PunBB Plugin System. So, I have developed a very simple plugin. Using this plugin, the admin can edit the any value of configuration table.

It just a practice Plugin. But may be helpful for MOD which affected config table but did not give any plugin to edit those configuration.

In next version of this script, i will add some more feature.

To use this, just download and upload the file to PunBB’s plugins directory. Before uploading, don’t forget to rename AP_Config_Editor.php.txt to AP_Config_Editor.php.