Earn for your skill!

In internet anyone has thousands of opportunities to earn money. In some cases, there are many easy money too. Some tasks requires only times, some requires devotions and time, some requires skills, times and devotions. If you have proper skills, you should get it find easy to make money online. If you have IT/Programming or related skills, freelancing sites should be your playground. Recently I have had familiarity with some of the freelancing sites. So I write my own review about them.

  • Rentacoder.com (RAC) – It is the first site I knew within this industry. More than one year ago I have signed up there and never logged in second time. I don’t know why. After a period of time, I have unsubscribed from mails to. But recently I am again regular there. My comment about them is their site may be good for the buyers. This site charges fee from the coders. They charge 10%-15% for of commission which is extreme high. Even their minimum charge is $3. Once a buyer have given me $5 bonus and they cut $3 apart from the commission for the main payment, he he. Continue reading →

Adsense with payoneer!

Everyone now knows how good Payoneer Prepaid Master Card is! Most probably, it is the fastest way of getting money in hand specially where EFT is not available. The most use of this card is seen by the users of freelancing sites like rentacoder.com, getafreelancer.com, odesk.com, elance.com, scriptlancer.com, reviewme.com and so on.

I think if google adsense becomes partner of payoneer, then it will be a real great addon to their service to the publisher. Because a standard check takes about 2 months to be cleared in countries like Bangladesh. But if they remit the fund to payoneer card, it will be available to publisher disposal within a day or two. Then publishers can withdraw or disburse the money at anywhere accepting the MasterCard.

I hope google will consider it if they really think about publishers’ conveniences. Raise your if you want this.