OpenLD is going to live again

Finally I have decided to maintain OpenLD script. You already know OpenLD is a very lightweight link directory script. It is highly extensible without hard coding. You can make extensions to utilize its hooking system. There are many hooks in every steps of all files where you may push some piece of code by your extension.

I love this script. But I have seen that it is not maintained for a quite long time. I don’t know what happened to the original developer Anders Persson. As I don’t want this great work to die, I am going to maintain it. I am doing the home works before I start and will update shortly.

Download OpenLD Directory Script

I have used OpenLD Directory Script for Projanmo Web site. OpenLD is really simple and cool script. But it was wonderful extension system for injecting your own code using the hook.

But the worse news is that the homepage is down for a quite long time. So we don’t get any update of this script anymore. I have seen many people were looking for it.

Today Arafat Rahman was asking me if I have any backup of this script. I searched my computer ending without positive result. Later entering my website’s account I have found a backup. So I planned to post it so that interested people can download it.

Click Here to Download OpenLD