Beginning Ruby From Novice to Professional

Beginning Ruby
I used to review books a bit detail. I include as much information as much possible and make senses. However, I’m going to make an exception this time. I will write a quick review on the book titled Beginning Ruby, From Novice to Professional authored by Peter Cooper published by Apress. The exception that I’ve just mentioned is that this review will be my shortest book review ever.

I’ve started by Ruby journey in a reverse way. First I’ve started working with Ruby on Rails directly (But I’ve read these tutorial to get basic idea). When I’ve found it’s fun, I started learning Ruby following this book.

The only thing I can tell about this book is “This is the one of the best book, of its kind, I’ve ever read”. So, If you want learn Ruby, you can consider this book without any second thoughts. That’s all about my review :).