Journey to infinity, lolz

From last month, I was planning to travel to somewhere. But I was not getting any suitable partner. Last Thursday me and Tusher has decided to finally move. I have plan and taken preparation in 30 minutes. Started our journey initially to Kurigram. Reached there at night. One elder brother of our university received us there. We stayed there total two nights and one day. We have visited some places of Kurigram and Rajarhat. Among them “Shindu Moti’r Dighi” is most notable. Then we have started back to Rangpur to visit home of another university elder brother. At Rangpur, we have visited the renowned Karmichel College. Then we stayed the night at brother’s home. Next morning we started back to Rajshahi and purchased train ticket from Rangpur Pirgacha to Natore. But after coming to Bogra, we changed our mind and planned to visit Bogra. So we got down from train and called another brother who then received us. He has managed a private vehicle and we have visited ‘Mohastangar’. We have also visited ‘Behular Bashor Ghar’. At 5pm we again came to bus station to back to Rajshahi. But we again felt incompleteness. So we again planned to continue. Then we came to Tusher’s home village, Sirajgonj. I am writing from there now.

We have planned to visit Iswardhy bridge tomorrow. Then we may go to Jessor. I can’t upload photos due to extreme poor internet connection of GrameenPhone (GP). I think, I must change my ISP, GP, as soon as I reach to Rajshahi.