Make money by sharing games!

One more way to generate some revenue through your Adsense account. has introduced an alpha service which will boost your income. The method is simple. has a very large collection of flash games. There are thousands of flash games in their game library those are played by thousands of game lovers every day. You can join them even now.

There are a number of ads units in this site. The ads are served by Google Adsense. So if you have an Adsense account, making money is very simple for you.


  1. Visit
  2. Upload game image and SWF file and enter other information.
  3. Enter your full Adsense Publisher ID in the Publisher ID box.
  4. Finally Submit button.
  5. Upon approval your game will be published on the site.
  6. You may make a URL channel in your Adsense Account.
  7. Start promoting the game. The more visitors in your game page the more you will earn.

There are about 3 ads units on each page. In your game page, you will see that ads are displaying using your Publisher ID.

Happy earning….:)

Adsense Optimization Report – In fact no use to me

I am an Adsense Publisher for several years. Usually I carefully try to use the new features.

Most probably in last year, adsense introduced adsense optimization report. Each month, it shows an report of previous month. If its May, 2008 they will show April 2008 Optimization Report. After clicking on the link, I got two maximum reports. One Placing more than one ad unit on a page often generates more revenue.
Many of your sites only contain one ad unit.
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