Best contacts importing script written in PHP

All you know letting visitors/users invite their contacts is one of the cheapest but proven way of marketing. We can get it by placing a contact importer script in our site and requesting users to invite his/her friends by providing email address and password. The script will then contact the server and download contacts from the address book and finally will send a custom or preformatted email to bring them to our site.

But problem is the cost of such importer script. More than one year ago I have purchased such a script most probably at US$30. It can import from popular email services like Yahoo, Gmail, MSN etc. Later I have found some other scripts that can download contacts from a few more sites.

But throwing all them behind, lately I found the most fabulous, most fantastic, most robust and cheapest contact importing script titled “OpenInvite”. If may not believe the previous sentence until you visit their website. It can import contacts from nearly all major email services and social networking sites. I have counted about 48.  Continue reading →

13 Prophecies of Internet Market

Asif Anwar, one of the best recognized Internet marketing specialists in Bangladesh, has predicted several changes in 13 title of Internet Marketing. I found several prophecies extemely realistic.

The titles are:

Prophecy #1: Onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be History

Prophecy #2: Searching will become more User-friendly

Prophecy #3: More Personalized & Localized Results will Influence SEM

Prophecy #4: Natural Language Reputation Algorithm will be a Great Factor

Prophecy #5: Copying Themes will be punished by Near Duplicate Content Filter

Prophecy #6: TrustRank will be Stronger than PageRank

Prophecy #7: Online Social Media will kill Traffic from Search Engines

Prophecy #8: Handheld Devices will Rule Future Traffic

Prophecy #9: Email will be the Least Used for Personal Communication

Prophecy #10: Personal Power to Influence Purchase will Increase

Prophecy #11: Web-based Consumer Analytics will be Major Internet Marketing Process

Prophecy #12: Web Cluster and Widgets will mean Businesses for Small Companies

Prophecy #13: Future Internet Marketers will be Personal Helper

The main artile is located here.