Is it right time to buy Apple’s product from Bangladesh?

It has been about 11 months that I’ve purchased Macbook Pro 13.3 inches. Though I am extremely happy with hardware design, I am that level of unhappy due to instability of the Mac OS. I can’t run it for more than 3 days as it either hangs or become too unstable to use! Many applications including Firefox 4 crashing frequently on it.

Again, in the first month of purchase, a silica ball as been penetrated into its sound port (3.5mm) and to date it is safely there. Why? Because Aloha iShoppe, from where I’ve purchased it, said they can’t open it as it will void the Apple’s warranty though they are authorized dealer of Apple’s product! If I need to claim warranty, they would send the laptop to Singapore and it will take about 2 months to get back the laptop. Can you imagine?

Moreover from last week, power adapter for my macbook pro is dead. This morning I went to Executive Machines for asking the price of a macbook pro adapter. They said it is 8500 BDT. And they also said you can get yours one replaced from where you’ve purchased it as it has one year warranty (they also provide same warranty for their power adapters too)! Then I called to Aloha iShoppe and here is pattern of conversation:

Me: What is the warranty duration for power adapter of macbook pro?
Aloha: There is no warranty for the power adapter.
Me: But so far I know, it also has same warranty as the main body!
Aloha: When you’ve purchased it?
Me: Last june!
Aloha: Actually, it does not has so long warranty, it has about 90 days of warranty?
Me: But Executive Machines is giving 1 year warranty for power adapter.
Aloha: ummm, it is (1 year warranty) given for the products from this year, not for earlier products (power adapter)!
Me: What is the price of power adapter at your house?
Aloha: It is 9500 BDT.
Me: OMG! It is 8500 BDT at Executive Machines. Why you are charging higher prices with less warranty period?
Aloha: They might not have the product, they sometimes, tell prices for products even they don’t have.
Me: Well, they showed me the adapter

(I hang up the phone!)

If you read the above conversation, you will notice how inconsistent their information are!

With my bad experiences with Apple products, I don’t think we should buy Apple’s product unless there is a service center of Apple in Bangladesh! However, if you need to buy, I think it will be wise not to buy from Aloha iShoppe.

Few months ago, I purchased a remote control from Executive Machines by BDT 1700 whose price was asked 2800 at Aloha! So you see how much higher their prices and most importantly, poor after sales service.

Macbook Pro, the missing keys

After purchasing the Macbook Pro on July, 2010 I noticed that some keys that I use most frequently, are missing on the keyboard. After passing more than 1 month, I also noticed my coding speed drastically reduced due to missing of those keys. So, I started Goolaptop keyboardgling for help. Though I did not like the solutions but still better than unavailability. The reason of my dislike is the combination of multiple keys! Here, I write how to perform some tasks whose keys are missing.

Home/End of Line
These two keys are used very frequently during programming. We can go home / end of the line using the following combination: Continue reading →