Speak your own language

Today is the age of Open Source. There is a win win situation everywhere for open source. Search the web, you will get a thousands of benefits about open source. But what you may not get is:

I strongly believe “Open source increases the passion to mother language”. How?

I never thought or never dreamt of developing a Bangla/Bengali (my mother language) forum engine. But when I got familiarity with open source, once I thought, why not I translate a forum engine to my own language? I love my mother language, so doing such will surely be real pleasure. Then I started translating punBB engine which is hosted in http://forum.projanmo.com. Its world’s first Unicode complaint fully Bangla Forum. I was also inspired to choose punBB from www.somewhereinforum.net. It is truly world’s first bangla forum but translated in ASCII. Now day night I work for Projanmo Forum which is ultimately work for my mother language, I think at leat ;). I really feel excited when I think, may be very small but I am doing something real cool for my mother language. It may be decimal in billions, but still not zero! Continue reading →