When disaster gives peace!

Today around 3.55PM, a few members of Projanmo Forum poked me on messenger. However, I was too much busy that I could not reply! When a minute later, Jobaer Shuman, another adminstrator of Projanmo Forum called me, two users are poking on IM. I was sure something happened with Projanmo! I entered its address on browser and then received his call. The page loaded and he said the news at a time that projanmo, (including some other of its subdomain) is hacked. Continue reading →

Auto updating (svn up) working copy on commit

I am working on a project that can’t be tested locally. So, I need to upload files to server. However, committing and then uploading is rigorous job (as there are lots of files to upload as a directory while changes were made only a few files under different directory. so browsing directory and uploading specific file(s) also annoying.) ! That’s why I used ‘svn up’ command to update all changed files from svn repository.

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I am going to be free again

I could not (or did not) write blog when I have joined Athena Software Associates Ltd. But today I am writing as double update. I have joined in Athena Software Associates Ltd. as System Administrator in last May. I had to manage a number of their servers mostly using cPanel and providing system level supports to the customers. I have enjoyed the work there as I have faced a lots of issues with cPanel and learned how to deal with them. Though I don’t have any plan to build my career as system administrator, I believe the gained experiences will help throughout my developer life.

In December, I have decided to resign from my position for a number of reason. The first and the biggest reason is my current physical problem for which I need quite long time full rest. Allah knows how much I can rest  indeed. Some other minor reasons are, I started believing that I am becoming lazy there as the workload is not high. I wish and able to take more workload. Low workload means low learning to me. Moreover, I would enjoy working in team specially under supervision of some experts that would help me gaining knowledge faster.

Yesterday I have submitted my resign letter. However, I have to serve until January 31, 2010 for shifting my duties to new incumbent.

This job was the first full time job for me.  The decision to resign was very tough one. I will miss the superb friendly environment of Athena Software Associates. I will miss all the colleagues of Athena.

Earn for your skill!

In internet anyone has thousands of opportunities to earn money. In some cases, there are many easy money too. Some tasks requires only times, some requires devotions and time, some requires skills, times and devotions. If you have proper skills, you should get it find easy to make money online. If you have IT/Programming or related skills, freelancing sites should be your playground. Recently I have had familiarity with some of the freelancing sites. So I write my own review about them.

  • Rentacoder.com (RAC) – It is the first site I knew within this industry. More than one year ago I have signed up there and never logged in second time. I don’t know why. After a period of time, I have unsubscribed from mails to. But recently I am again regular there. My comment about them is their site may be good for the buyers. This site charges fee from the coders. They charge 10%-15% for of commission which is extreme high. Even their minimum charge is $3. Once a buyer have given me $5 bonus and they cut $3 apart from the commission for the main payment, he he. Continue reading →

Job forum!

I am member of many forums, groups and mailing lists. But among them all, I think Alljobsbd’s job forum is a different. Most probably it is country’s first job oriented forum. The main area of discussions are career, job, job announcements, job requirements, scholarships, job experiences etc.

I thank the team for a nice initiatives and I expect that very soon it will cross the border of nation and become internationally recognized and will keep a great contribution to the job seekers and job providers.

First Job Interview Experience…

Last Saturday, I faced my life’s first job interview at an Canada based IT firm in Gulshan 1. Approximately at 3PM I reached their office. There was an employee who is known to me. In fact, he invited me for this interview. At office, he received me. Later I have been supplied two questions sets. I was also informed that I can answer anyone I like within 1 hour.

After reading the both, I choose one and started answering. Most of the questions were on PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript. This was my first such exam. I was enjoying a lot while answering those. Most probably I completed the 25 answers in 30 minutes. Later, I have been asked some other questions regarding MVC, OOP, Joomla, cakePHP, CSS etc. Finally, he told me that the PM wants to see me at his room. I met him. I found him real good man. He did not ask anything embarrassing what I have heard managerial personnel often used to ask. I found the session as discussion rather ordinary interview, thats real cool :D. So I enjoyed it too. Later he asked my salary expectation. I guessed, seeing his face, my reply crossed their budget ;).

Then he told me they will take interview of some more guys and let me know my update. I am waiting for getting any feedback from them. But I am confident, if my salary expectation is not over their budget, there is not reason of not selecting me.

Finally I can say, my first job interview was pleasing. It uplifted my level of confidence too. Thanks to them.