Convert .nrg (Nero Archive) to .iso, mount .nrg in Linux

Today I have downloaded an archive which later I found as an .nrg archive. Again, trial period of my nero for linux is already expired. So I was looking for a solution to read the .nrg archive in linux. Did not get something useful in google. Then I post a line in Twitter. jimmietryon replied my twitter status and told me about a magical solution to convert the .nrg archive to .iso archive. It is  NGR2ISO.

I simply downloaded the RPM and installed the script. No dependency issue :-). Then I run the command from shell and the 655mb .nrg archive converted into .iso within 1.5 minutes.

nrg2iso cal3.nrg cal3.iso

Understanding the line is quite easy. cal3.nrg is the current archive and cal3.iso is expected output.

While writing this blog jimmietryon gave another great tip of how to mount .nrg in linux. So, to read .nrg in Linux we even now don’t need to convert to ISO. Here is the command to mount .nrg archive

mkdir /media/nrg

mount -o loop,offset=307200 cal3.nrg /media/nrg/

Quite easy! Isn’t it?