First Job Interview Experience…

Last Saturday, I faced my life’s first job interview at an Canada based IT firm in Gulshan 1. Approximately at 3PM I reached their office. There was an employee who is known to me. In fact, he invited me for this interview. At office, he received me. Later I have been supplied two questions sets. I was also informed that I can answer anyone I like within 1 hour.

After reading the both, I choose one and started answering. Most of the questions were on PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript. This was my first such exam. I was enjoying a lot while answering those. Most probably I completed the 25 answers in 30 minutes. Later, I have been asked some other questions regarding MVC, OOP, Joomla, cakePHP, CSS etc. Finally, he told me that the PM wants to see me at his room. I met him. I found him real good man. He did not ask anything embarrassing what I have heard managerial personnel often used to ask. I found the session as discussion rather ordinary interview, thats real cool :D. So I enjoyed it too. Later he asked my salary expectation. I guessed, seeing his face, my reply crossed their budget ;).

Then he told me they will take interview of some more guys and let me know my update. I am waiting for getting any feedback from them. But I am confident, if my salary expectation is not over their budget, there is not reason of not selecting me.

Finally I can say, my first job interview was pleasing. It uplifted my level of confidence too. Thanks to them.