Tips for WordPress Cron functions

WordPress provides some nice APIs for executing unattended scheduled tasks without relying on any external cron! Usually, we need to create a cron from our control panel / systems! However, if you implement built in cron features of WordPress, you gain better portability of your WordPress site!

However, it has a great limitation! This cron fully relies on site hits! WordPress triggers its cron functions after someone visits the site! When anyone visits your site, WP checks if any cron are supposed to be executed on or earlier of that moment! If no one visits your site, WordPress will fail to execute your tasks!

In this blog, I am going to show two tips that may be helpful while you work with wp-cron functions!

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how to promote your blog? Some easy steps….

Most probably these keywords are most common keywords that people usually search for. After searching for these, undoubtedly you will get a lots of search results. But these tips are a bit different. I have prepared this article based on my own experiences with my blog(s) rather than dumping or summarizing from other tips. So my tips may seem to both logical and illogical to you though I don’t care about that as I said, I have gained these from my experiments. This article is a combination of tips and tools that will help increasing traffic to your blog and I assume that you have created your blog using WordPress blogging engine. Continue reading →