Recaptcha with AJAX application, get new challenge using JavaScript

Currently, I am working on a commercial project (for me) that will be dedicated to the soul of Michael Jackson. I have used some AJAX based interface where I have used reCaptcha challenges to fight spamming. The form where I have used reCaptcha, will be submitted through AJAX calls. As the page won’t reload, the same captcha challenge exists even the user makes a mistake during filling the form.  I wanted to show a new challenge each time he/she makes a mistake. I thought, I will be in trouble in this part! However, I have seen it is extremely easy to get a new challenge. Continue reading →

Gmail Introduced Themes!!!

Just few mins ago, I have logged into Gmail and discovered some changes on interface! I was looking for New Features link at right-top. But did not found. Then I saw a message on top that they introduced themes and colors. I browsed to the Theme tab from settings and tried themes one after another. But none of them suits me. I did not like a single theme. None of themes are comfortable for my eyes. Most simple themes has too many white spaces that were making reading unpleasant. I tried some other non-white themes. The background of those colors are not also comfortable for my eyes.

I am now wondering how to switch to previous looks. I hate current themes :(.