jQuery Mobile: Part 2 – Making multiple pages and linking them

Hey fellas, in the first part of our jQuery Mobile journey we have learned how to make the first jQuery Mobile page. That was quite easy and fun. As we ain’t going to give those introductions again, I believe, its a good idea to have a look into the previous part.

In this part we will dig a bit more. We will see how can we make more than one pages and link to each other.

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Toggling ASC/DESC sorting using Animated table sort plugin for jQuery

Just few mins ago, from a tweet of Tareq Hasan, I came to learn about Animated Table Sort plugin for jQuery. Seeing the demo I was stunned and decided to implement on a project I was working right then!

After implementing, I see it can sort in one way. Either ascending or descending. If we set the parameter to

sortDesc: true

it sorts the table in descending order, otherwise ascending order. But, I wanted in both way. I mean, after clicking on the header, it should toggle between order. Suppose, on first click, it sorted ascending order. However, the second click should sort in descending order.
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