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My last VPS review was almost negative which was about Wowvps. No worry! Now some smile! Its not a negative review. But I should have given this review first as I tested before buying from wowvps (second time).

I had a promo of zipservers for first month. So it was a great opportunity to test the server at low cost. I ordered a VPS without any delay. I got the account information. Started configuring the server and used the server about a month. I have hosted a site that have monthly 2million+ hits.

I was very happy with them as their server is excellent. Performance was fast, network speed was superb. Most probably support response time is not up to the mark. Also their mails’ format is not eye friendly.

Whatsoever, the main parts of the service were very satisfactory. You may find their server a bit expensive comparing others. But I think they deserve priority if we care about quality.

I added them up in my trust list and surely back to them in future when needed

Webhostinggeeks review…

hostinggeeksIn an earlier post I have told that choosing a right host is getting complex day by day as there are enormous numbers of hosting companies worldwide. So, it is going to be harder day by day to choose a right host of expected quality at right budget. That’s why before purchasing any vps and dedicated server I do my own research. I have to do it as I have to regularly buy servers for my customers. As their budgets and requirement varies I have to do own research almost for all orders.

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No look back to

Long ago I have written a review about My today’s review is almost reverse of previous one. Click here to see my first review about

My that review should go his museum now. Last month I again have bought a VPS from Their service and support was just rubbish. As I claimed in first review that their network speed is not good, it is worse now. I could not get it solved by even several mails. Moreover revealed their stupid customer service.

In previous review, I also told about their slow customer support. Most probably their averag response time is now reduced with some stupid answers like ‘our admin will check the issue and let you know’.

When I complained this issue in WHT, another user confirmed the same problems.

So I through out from my favorites list. If you are thinking of buying from them, think more before you smile seeing good reviews about them. Check the timestamps of those reviews. review

As a part of my hosting company assessment, in July I tested I found there name in WebHostingTalk forum. They were offering 600GB of space for $3.95/month. Isn’t it fair than so called unlimited space offers? But if you ever go for purchasing a dedicated server, you will know how easily it is impossible 😉 to offer 600GB storage at $3.95 with 6TB transfer (without multiple overselling!).

Anyway, yet I still interested to test them as their sign up fee is not high. After reading their TOS I have proceed to sign up with them. After account gets approved, now I need to store files. An idea came to my mind; I transfered about 20GB from my another server to this new account. The files were archives of my websites.

After one day, I got email that my account is suspended. I asked them why they suspended it. They replied, storing backups/archives is not allowed. But swear, there was no such term in there Terms & Conditions. I told them about this but they were rigid. Later, I told I will remove the backups after a few days. They then unsuspended it. After one/two days again they suspended it. They send an email regarding this. I guranteed to remove the files. So they undo it. I then removed the files (in fact for my sites security reason) and I never get back to them again.

…website is still on the old server

I have updated the DNS but still I am getting the site from old server. Is this your problem?


This occurs due to propagation time. When you update the DNS it needs up to 72 hours to populate on internet. All ISP uses DNS caching to cache the DNS query results. So, it needs some time to refresh the cache to reflect your changes.

But in your computer you can solve it easily. You can override the cache.  Just follow the steps:


domain = ‘’

new server’s ip =

For Windows:

  • Open the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file using notepad
  • Write the following line at the end of the file:
  • Save the file
  • Open command prompt. Type
    ipconfig /flushdns
  • Open your browser. Now browse You should get site from new server

For Linux & Mac OS:

  • Login as root
  • Open /etc/hosts file typing the following command
    vi /etc/hosts
  • If you find vi command difficult use:
    gedit /etc/hosts
  • At the end of the file add the same line as previous:
  • Save the file. Restart your network by:
    service network restart
  • Try browsing You should get site from new server.

Some happy days with

Its a bit comparative review between WiredTree and has added itself to my favorite hosting company list by its own quality. After owning a dedicated server in WiredTree, I was needed to buy a VPS. That time WiredTree VPS was very expensive. After researching a lot, I have found I have taken their Xmas offer. Really, I enjoyed with time with them. But I had to leave them only because they don’t have proactive support. I have again purchased a VPS from WiredTree (Taking an lifetime promo). Last month, my zone VPS is expired. But I still feel that server :-p. It was a real cool server. The performance of the server was much better than my current server in WiredTree. I faced some slow network issues in zone. I faced same in WiredTree too which I did not expected. Anyway to me uptime, performance and support is most crucial things. I happily give higher marks than WiredTree in case of first two. The server was much faster then my current and server was not down in my 3 months life. As complained many times (in even WHT), their support was (may not is) slow. Continue reading →