Purchased a new Modem….Anik modem is dead :(.

Today I have purchased a new EDGE Modem for internet access as my previous modem died yesterday. The new modem’s brand is Histon. My old one was Anik modem. Today morning I visited Anik’s head office and showed my non-functioning modem. After a few minutes of testing, they said it is dead. But I it seemed to me that they could solve it as almost same problem occurred  one year back. That was within guarantee period. That time, they said “it is a small problem. My engineer is not available otherwise he/she could fix it momentarily. Then they have given me a replace. But not new one; they gave one old/used modem. I asked “why old one?”. A man replied “Should we give a new modem for a small problem?”. Then he replied the above line. Now the modem’s warranty period is expired so they don’t care it anymore.

I am not sure about the quality of Histon modem. But it takes longer to initialize and to become accessible than that of Anik’s modem. Don’t see any significant changes in browsing or downloading. Same freak about connection speed. What does it mean?

he he. Yes, Anik’s modem always been connected at 460kbps but it could never cross 228kbps. This modem shows 384kbps on its package and other places. But it connects at 460kbps. So don’t they know their modem’s connection speed? Why they put low on label? Very opaque.

Anyway, lets see how much it serves me. The worse thing is that this modem also does not work in Linux :(.