Have GrameenPhone (GP) bought the media?

In recent months we have noticed several news on corruption about GrammenPhone. They were involved to illegal VOIP business which was discovered by RAB and BTRC in 2008. It happened more than once. Last year we have also noticed they illegally sacked too many regular employees and employed low paying employees as replacement.

Today we have noticed a very formal complain about illegal retrenchment of 70 employees. The victims were asked to sign a white paper. When they asked the reason, they were informed that they were sacked from the company.  The victims then said they would attract media coverage against this illegal means. Then the so called authorities announced the devastating thing “We have bought the media by providing advertisement to the tune of lakhs of taka. So, your news would not be published or telecast in the print and electronic media”.

Honestly, they were giving huge advertisement in all electronic and print media. Even they were sponsor of our National Cricket Team. Their malicious hands of money even captured our national prides. So their such delivery is not unexpected. If they withdraw their advertisement from the media many newspaper and tv channel may fall in even loss. But after all, where is the commitment of the media? Is there any actually?

Special thanks to The Daily Independent for publishing the news. May be they have not sold yet!

Source: The Daily Indepedent