Increased fees of is no way inspiring…

Today, I got an email from (formerly shortly GAF), that they have reviewed the month fees for gold membership. Unfortunately, I rarely see revision comes with low costs ;). No exception here. They increased the gold membership fee from $12/month to $20/month.

To me, this is tolerable, though. However, the most rubbish thing they applied that they will still charge per project from the gold members. The gold members has to pay 3% for each project. No way I can appreciate this.

Comparing other freelancing sites, their prices are still good. However, this is the cause we are here. Moreover, allmost all other freelancing sites provides payment guarantee. That means, when you are get paid, money is really yours. It is not true for GAF. They can’t provide such guarantee. I am the victim of such incidents.

Once, I have worked with a rapidleech stuff with a customer. The customer was happy with the service and provided a 10 of 10 ranking. However, after a few days, I see my account is balance is $40 lower. Reviewing the log, I see GAF reversed a $40 payment but they never cared informing me. So, contacting support I came to know that, the customer filed a charge back in PayPal. As PayPal charged GAF account, they charged my account accordingly. They also told me that they will update me about the dispute but never they did unless I again and again contacted them. One day, finally I came to know (after querying even this time) that PayPal fully credited the original buyer so they won’t return me the money.

This happened more than 6 months ago. However, I did not write about it. When, today, I got their mail about increased fee, it ignited me to write on it. I have good ratings in other freelancing sites but I planned to sticked here because of cheap charges and minimum $30 project values. I have seen buyers in and offers $5, $10 for some projects. That’s why I used not to bid there.

Moreover, I requested my personal customers to open projects in GAF. But I won’t do it again from now as it will cost me.

Earn for your skill!

In internet anyone has thousands of opportunities to earn money. In some cases, there are many easy money too. Some tasks requires only times, some requires devotions and time, some requires skills, times and devotions. If you have proper skills, you should get it find easy to make money online. If you have IT/Programming or related skills, freelancing sites should be your playground. Recently I have had familiarity with some of the freelancing sites. So I write my own review about them.

  • (RAC) – It is the first site I knew within this industry. More than one year ago I have signed up there and never logged in second time. I don’t know why. After a period of time, I have unsubscribed from mails to. But recently I am again regular there. My comment about them is their site may be good for the buyers. This site charges fee from the coders. They charge 10%-15% for of commission which is extreme high. Even their minimum charge is $3. Once a buyer have given me $5 bonus and they cut $3 apart from the commission for the main payment, he he. Continue reading →