Swords and sandals – a very popular flash game

I never thought a flash game is so popular online! Recently while doing some traffic related study I found a site which receives 60% of its search engine traffic to only one game named Swords and Sandals ! There are most than one versions of Swords and Sandals! Most interesting is that only version 2 that means Swords and Sandals 2 receives about 80% among previous 60%. I tried to play it for a while and I found it is interesting!

Google Trends

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Flash Media Server (FMS) and libasneu.so.1 issue

Today I was working with Flash Media Server (FMS). Everything went accordingly except libasneu.so.1. This file is needed for FMS which is included with FMS archive. We just need to link it correctly.You may check the shared library dependencies by the following command:

# ldd fmscore

In my case, everything was found except libasneu.so.1. It was showing not found. I have started googling. Got a lots of tips. However, none worked. Some sites suggested to create a soft link to this file in /lib (ln -s /opt/adobe/fms/libasneu.so.1 /lib/libasneu.so.1) . Some suggested to do same in /usr/lib ((ln -s /opt/adobe/fms/libasneu.so.1 /usr/lib/libasneu.so.1). Another site suggested to add fms path in a config file (/etc/ld.so.conf.d/). I tried everything without any luck. Continue reading →

Red5 installation never been easiest!

Several times I have tried to install Red5 Streaming server in my linux box and I successfully failed during every try.

Today from morning I again started to try as success was my sheer determination. I planed I would surely find out a positive result. But no hope. I again failed to install it.

Later, while searching online, I have found a magic script. i instantly downloaded the file and executed it. Within a few minutes, Red5 is installed successfully. Thats really magic. I just run service red5 start and its started.

To get details visit: http://forums.hostv.com/showthread.php?t=134

To download the magic file click here.

Make it executable (755) and execute it (./red5_install). And count for success. Thanks a lot to the author for a fantastic script.

Optionally I have upload that script here for backup storage. You can download from here.

Best flash charting script!

Uses of  flash chart is getting popularity day by day. Many medium to big web applications may use flash chart. But small application may ignore it due to complexities of implemention of flash chart. Even some web developers may not familiar with flash to make flash chart.

To make it easy, there are several open source and free of cost flash charting scripts that can be imported in your application. One of them is the  Open Flash Chart. So far I have seen, it is the best flash charting script which is very easy to implement. Moreover it supports many languages like PHP (4 & 5),  .NET, Java, Perl, Python etc. It provides the library files and examples which will understand very easily.

So test it now, and import it in your next project and impress your client.