Solution of ‘Offline mode’ of firefox in Linux

I have faced this issue mostly in Fedora (both 9 & 10). When I start Firefox, it starts in offline mode. I had to manually change it to online mode (File-> Offline Mode [uncheck]). Today I became frustrated. But after searching net for a while I found some solutions. After testing all, I found the real solution.

  • Open new tab in firefox
  • type about:config
  • Click I’ll be careful, I promise
  • type networkmanager in Filter box and press Enter
  • It will show preference name below. The last column (Value) should be true. If not, double click on it. It means, you need to set toolkit.networkmanager.disable as true.

That’s it. Restart your browser. It should now start online mode.

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Setting multiple homepages in Firefox, Flock and IE7

All you know that we can make any site as our browser’s homepage so that the page is opened automatically when we start the browser. But what is the way when I want to like more than one page to be started along with the browser? Here is the solution.

Internet Explorer 7:
It is easiest one. Click Options from Tools menu. You will see a text box where you can put multiple homepage each in separate line.

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New browser, more pain!

Yesterday, Google kicked off the beta of their new browser, Chrome. I found almost every mailing list, forum, group is discussing regarding this release.

Yesterday, I have also downloaded and installed it. After using a while, I did not find anything for which I should leave my Firefox/Flock. The one thing I found well that there are bigger space to see the webpage as there is not any toolbar, menubar which usually takes a good height. I also found a new feature, Incognito, which will not store your browsing history. In a few cases its a good thing; but you know for whom!

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