How to Upgrade Fedora 10 to Fedora 11

Recently Leonidas, the latest version of Fedora, is released. I have already upgraded my laptop using the latest DVD. However, I was planning to upgrade my office’s desktop directly from internet. Searching internet, I have found a very useful tutorial regarding this. I suggest fedora users to have a look.

Optionally you can also read this:

হুররে….তৈরি করলাম নিজের রিপোজিটরি :)

মাহদী’র ফোন করল আমার ইয়ামের ক্যাশ ডাইরেক্টরীটা সে চায়। কারণ কিছু কোডেক ইনস্টল করা লাগবে। তখন মনে হল লিনাক্স রিইনস্টল করলে আমারও তো আবার ডাউনলোড করা লাগবে। আমিও ক্যাশ ফোল্ডারকে আলাদা জায়গায় সরিয়ে রাখলাম। তখন মনে হল আমি দেখি নিজের একটা রিপো বানাতে পারি কিনা। ওমা! এটা তো দেখি পান্তা ভাত

যেভাবে করলাম:
১. বিভিন্ন জায়গায় যত আরপিএম ছিল সবগুলোকে একটা ফোল্ডারে ঢুকালাম।
২. একটা টুল ইনস্টল দিতে হবে।
yum install createrepo Continue reading →

Solution of ‘Offline mode’ of firefox in Linux

I have faced this issue mostly in Fedora (both 9 & 10). When I start Firefox, it starts in offline mode. I had to manually change it to online mode (File-> Offline Mode [uncheck]). Today I became frustrated. But after searching net for a while I found some solutions. After testing all, I found the real solution.

  • Open new tab in firefox
  • type about:config
  • Click I’ll be careful, I promise
  • type networkmanager in Filter box and press Enter
  • It will show preference name below. The last column (Value) should be true. If not, double click on it. It means, you need to set toolkit.networkmanager.disable as true.

That’s it. Restart your browser. It should now start online mode.

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List of RPM Repos

Today I had to face much trouble while trying to install vlc player in my Fedora 9. You know, there are a lots of dependencies for installing vlc. The Yum could not resolve (using rpmforge and some other repo) a dependency and it took me more than hour to resolve it. After googling for about one hours, I came to know about RPM Fusion repository. After adding it to my Yum repo, vlc installation is damn easy. That dependency is now quickly and effectively resolved.

That’s why I planned to list a number of Repos so that I and you can use it when needed.

  1. Yes, the old friend RPM Forge.
  2. RPM Fusion
  3. Livna
  4. FreshRPMS
  5. Dribble – Somehow it is dependent to Livna

These repos provide automatic repo configuration rpm. Visit their configuration/using page and download & Install the RPM and the repo is ready to use.

For manual rpm installation, you know is great always too.

Please keep adding if you know more.


Connecting to internet through Bluetooth in Fedora 9 (GP/Aktel/Banglalink/Teletalk/Warid)

I was amazed seeing that using mobile phone as modem in Ubuntu 8.10 is just like learning abc. You just connect a modem using USB cable or Bluetooth and Ubuntu will take care of the rest. The easy and step by step interface is so easy that any novice can configure it too.

But I am mostly Redhat variant user. I use Fedora 9 for my laptop’s OS beside Windows XP. I did not find configuring Bluetooth in Fedora as easy as in Ubuntu. But no worry, its not hard enough. I have found a good tutorial which helped me to configure bluetooth to use internet. If you need help in fully Bangla, please visit this page. Continue reading →

Fedora Transformation Pack

Just few minutes ago I came to know about Fedora Transformation Pack. Earlier, I did use Vista Transformation Pack which is used to give Windows XP some Vista look. But this pack gives a different looks. It gives you Fedora look hence Linux look.

If you are a Fedora/Linux fan you may try it.

The download link is here: