Get free SMS alert on your server down (or something else)!

Well, first thing first. This blog may be little bit immoral even if it is not illegal by the provider terms of service. So, if you read this or later sentences, the responsibilities are on you.


I am going to share an idea that I’ve personally used a bit ago (2009) in my previous office to monitor the server and get notified when any server/service is down. I wrote a small PHP application that would do the tasks. Though I planned that time to blog about it, apparently, I forgot about it. The steps of the idea is:

  • A php chunk checks server status
  • If it finds something unexpected (or may be expected; depends on your logic :)) it creates an event in your google calendar which is due just 1-3 minutes from now
  • If your SMS alert is setup in Google Calender, Google will email you about the event.

Here I will not show how to write a PHP script to monitor server. I just told it as I applied this idea for same purpose. I guess you will get lots if you google it. However, the initial version that I developed just checked site’s homepage (using CURL) and if they were returning 200 response within a sensible time limit. If the response was not 200, it would create the event for me.

How to create Event?

It’s very simple. First of all download the following classes from

Put them in your project path. Create a php file. Lets assume it is createevent.php. Now include the wrapper file in createevent.php.

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Facebook Developer Garage Dhaka

Yesterday, I have participated in an event titled ‘Facebook Developer Garage Dhaka’ which was organized by Infra Blue Technology and powered by Intel. That was an awesome event. About six speakers presented their speech on various topics related to facebook development. The presentations include ‘Introduction to Facebook Platform’, ‘Facebook Connect – experience on iphone’, ‘Facebook Open Stream API’, ‘Building scalable application in facebook platform’, ‘Monetizing facebook application’.

Building scalable facebook application and monetizing facebook application captured most attentions of the audience. I have enjoyed the session very much.

Thanks the organizer for such a wonderful session and for the gift pack and the delicious dinnar ;).