Hurray! Purchased a new Macbook Pro

Just few hours ago I have purchased a macbook pro (latest model). Really amazing moments! Though I was not much fan of Macbook, but recent electricity problems and my recent interest to iPhone/iPad application development bound me to buy one macbook. Initially I planned to buy macbook rather than macbook pro however, I see a small price gap if I upgrade macbook to 4GB RAM! So, I found it better to buy macbook pro.

Today, I borrowed money from my brother and requested hasin hayder to give me company! Hasin vy picked me from Radission and we both went to Aloha Ishoppe at Gulshan 2. As we wanted to purchase immediately, they agreed to provide free backpack. The backpack promotion actually expired on 30th June, 2010. However, they could not ignore our requests to give one free even now :D. Thanks to them. It is really good.

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