PunBB Topic Ownership Change extension

Just now I have developed a small extension for PunBB that will let admins and moderators to change the ownership of any topic. As usual, I made it for Projanmo Forum but it is always pleasing to share with the community :).

It is very simple plugin. Just upload and activate the extension. Then if you view any topic with, at least, moderation privilege, you will see a link ‘Change Topic Owner’. When you click on it, you will be asked to enter new User’s ID (check the image below). Once you enter and hit Ok, you will be redirected to a new page where either the ownership will be changed or corresponding error message will be shown.

Note: This will not affect users’ post count.


Rapidshare Downloader for Linux Shell

I was searching a good rapidshare downloader (for premium account) that can be run in shell and is able to download in batch mode. Finally, just now I got a wonderful shell script for this purpose. It is damn easy to configure and use. It can even load download URLs from file or from URL. So, I just need to dump all download links in a file and feed the file to this script and it starts downloading. At first run it will make necessary configuration by asking you in 6 steps. Then you can run it to download files. I think you don’t need any help if you know how to execute a file in shell.

Just download and start using. I have started downloading by feeding it a file of 37 links. hurray!



Note: The author has uploaded the file in Rapidshare.com. I have put a mirror in my server (though I am not aware of the license though) for your convenient. So please visit the homepage and thank for for this great script.