Creative VPS :: Creative(!) Business Idea

During the first week of november, visiting WHT I have seen that Creative VPS has an incredible VPS deal (Halloween promotion)! That is really an attractive offer. I instantly signed up with them on Nov 5. I got the account details on Nov 8 :-O. Even I just received webmin access (i requested its installation during order). I did not get formal account account info mail. I got that after asking 3 times even 3-4 days later. Anyway, i could login to webmin and shell using that info and prepared the server and moved a forum there. I was very much happy seeing the performance. After 2/3 days later, at morning I have seen that mysql is stopped. I started it. Same happened for next day too. I again started it and install monit to monitor its activity. Surprise was waiting for next day morning. I see that my site is not coming. I failed to login in shell. Then logged in to VZCP and see the container is off :-O. I started it. After a few mins, I received a email telling that CPU abuse from my VPS and offering to purchase server management. This is first time I heard for any VPS. Seems that I am in a shared hosting. Being VPS I should have separate partition of everything. Moreover, the site the VPS service is not anything intense. It was running fine with more 90+ domains in a VPS with WiredTree. The vps load remains below 1 most of the time. Continue reading →