Touching the waves…

I had a long wish to visit Coxs Bazar beach. Its the world largest sea beach in the world which is in Bangladesh. So, its a great dream for all Bangladeshi to visit such a great place at least once.

My dream came to true on 13th March. I have started my journey to dhaka from rajshahi on 12th March at night. at morning i reached to dhaka. my other mates have bought tickets of “suborno express” train to chittagong which was scheduled to start at 4pm. Sumon and I have joined other mates at Airport station. we were 11 members in our team :D. Its was about 6 hours journey. As usual train journey is always boring to me. the this journey was even more boring as one of the bullshit Advisors of Bangladesh Govt. was in train which caused extreme restriction to the passengers. After reaching to chittagong, we have caught the last bus from chittagong to coxs bazar. the bus was a bit congested. we were extreme hungry (prefix of my name 😉 ) as we could not have eat anything after lunch. at 2.30am (late mid night) the bus stopped near a restaurant where we had our meal. At about 4.30am we have reached to coxs bazar. after about 1 hour searching, we have rented a Hotel (Nishan may be the name). It was about to sunrise. keeping the baggages in the hotel, we have reached to the beach. the expression of first sight is not possible to express. the wave of the water, the fog, the flare of sun light…..made us feel like dream. we have started taking snaps. after 1 hour we backed to room and have breakfast and slept for a while. Continue reading →

WordPress Ella & Me

WordPress Ella was launched with great luck but my first posting in it is a story of badluck.

From few days I was preparing to go Cox’s bazar and St. Martin’s Island. Finally, we (me & swapon vy) came to dhaka to go there. But unfortunately, my fate did not allow me to proceed. I may back to Rajshahi tomorrow. 🙁