Seminar on ‘Building Tech Careers’ at DUET

Today I have participated in a seminar arranged by phpExperts and CSE Department, DUET. The journey to DUET was fun! I came with Hasan vy who picked me up from Mohakhali. Then we all (hasin hayder, omi azad, arild) at Jasim Uddin! Then we had a mini race to come faster but Hasan vy was not willing to risk fuel sufficiency. So he entered a CNG refueling station and as a result he fallen back :D.

However, we all reached safely and the session started in time. The seminar covered the following session:

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First Job Interview Experience…

Last Saturday, I faced my life’s first job interview at an Canada based IT firm in Gulshan 1. Approximately at 3PM I reached their office. There was an employee who is known to me. In fact, he invited me for this interview. At office, he received me. Later I have been supplied two questions sets. I was also informed that I can answer anyone I like within 1 hour.

After reading the both, I choose one and started answering. Most of the questions were on PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript. This was my first such exam. I was enjoying a lot while answering those. Most probably I completed the 25 answers in 30 minutes. Later, I have been asked some other questions regarding MVC, OOP, Joomla, cakePHP, CSS etc. Finally, he told me that the PM wants to see me at his room. I met him. I found him real good man. He did not ask anything embarrassing what I have heard managerial personnel often used to ask. I found the session as discussion rather ordinary interview, thats real cool :D. So I enjoyed it too. Later he asked my salary expectation. I guessed, seeing his face, my reply crossed their budget ;).

Then he told me they will take interview of some more guys and let me know my update. I am waiting for getting any feedback from them. But I am confident, if my salary expectation is not over their budget, there is not reason of not selecting me.

Finally I can say, my first job interview was pleasing. It uplifted my level of confidence too. Thanks to them.

Looking back… (Part 1)

Today I sat in the last exam of my BBA (Hons) degree; that means my BBA is almost completed. Just waiting for the Viva though on 30th June, I have to face the Viva-voce. A milestone is achieved.

I may not participate in MBA in University of Rajshahi. I will try to admit somewhere in Dhaka or abroad.

I have admitted in Rajshahi University in 2003. From 15 March, 2003 our classes started. According to schedule I should have finished by March 2007. But yes session jam took more than 1 year of our lives. But still thanks Allah that the new batches are not cursed by this black session jam. We have fight most to eliminate the session jam. Lights did not shed us but our followers. We are happy for this though. Continue reading →

The Journalism – a bitter story

From my college life I was little bit interested about journalism. But it was at a tolerable level. At university, on some courses I introduced & intimated with Ujjal vy. Seeing him, my old passion of journalism geared up. I decided to do that anyhow and even at least for six months to taste it. But the result is completely unexpected to me.

After long whistle, The Weekly Utsyabhumi launched. And I was appointed as IT Editor (part-time) at * taka/month. I never cared about payment as I gone there for experience. The maximum salary of that magazine was *** which were for Editor, Deputy Editor and few other top position. Most probably its the only Newspaper/Magazine where it gives salary to each & every staff. Whats a big challenge whatever the amount is. Thanks to authority. Anyway, the preparation of first issue was at full bloom. Continue reading →

Little more load…

Today I got appointment letter from the forthcoming Weekly Magazine “Utsyabhumi” (???????) which is going to start publication from 16th December, 2006. I am appointed as IT Editor (Part-time). So my workload increased once more. I will do this job only for improving my writing skill not for salary.

Since few days, I was observing their attitudes. They are trying to be professional. Good things. But being tried to be formal, I believe they are importing bureaucracy. Continue reading →