cPanel’s biggest bug, login with root password

I don’t know whether it is a bug or a feature. However, as this is unexpected, undoubtedly it is bug.

The problem is that, when you try to login to cpanel’s domain owner interface (2082, 2083), if you provide a password that matches root password, it will give you root access even though you did not used root as username.

For example, you have a domain hosted using cpanel, also suppose the username and password is mydomain and xXx123XX respectively. If for some, the root password of this server is same as your password, you will get the root access unwillingly though you were trying to simply login to your control panel.

Yes, anyone can get root access using the combination of root and xXx123XX when desires so. But won’t you surprise when you get such privileges even without knowing? You don’t know that server’s root password and but mere matching of password will give you unlimited access to server.

I hope they will fix it soon.

Solution of ‘Offline mode’ of firefox in Linux

I have faced this issue mostly in Fedora (both 9 & 10). When I start Firefox, it starts in offline mode. I had to manually change it to online mode (File-> Offline Mode [uncheck]). Today I became frustrated. But after searching net for a while I found some solutions. After testing all, I found the real solution.

  • Open new tab in firefox
  • type about:config
  • Click I’ll be careful, I promise
  • type networkmanager in Filter box and press Enter
  • It will show preference name below. The last column (Value) should be true. If not, double click on it. It means, you need to set toolkit.networkmanager.disable as true.

That’s it. Restart your browser. It should now start online mode.

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cPanel Bug

I am a regular user of WHM & cPanel. Recently I found a bug in cPanel Release Build 20683 which is now running in three of our servers.

You login to WHM. Then Click List Accounts. Your hosted domains will be listed. You should noticed that there is an quick password and email changer from some recent builds. To change password and/or contact address of any domain, there is + following by the domain name. Now you click on the + icon for a domain. You will see the password of that domain is shown in the contact address box.

You will discover the same problem if you login to cPanel for first time with RVSkin theme. This will (I have found with RVBlue) ask you to enter your email address as soon as you login to cPanel. In the contact Continue reading →