Rapidshare Downloader for Linux Shell

I was searching a good rapidshare downloader (for premium account) that can be run in shell and is able to download in batch mode. Finally, just now I got a wonderful shell script for this purpose. It is damn easy to configure and use. It can even load download URLs from file or from URL. So, I just need to dump all download links in a file and feed the file to this script and it starts downloading. At first run it will make necessary configuration by asking you in 6 steps. Then you can run it to download files. I think you don’t need any help if you know how to execute a file in shell.

Just download and start using. I have started downloading by feeding it a file of 37 links. hurray!



Note: The author has uploaded the file in Rapidshare.com. I have put a mirror in my server (though I am not aware of the license though) for your convenient. So please visit the homepage and thank for for this great script.