I am going to be free again

I could not (or did not) write blog when I have joined Athena Software Associates Ltd. But today I am writing as double update. I have joined in Athena Software Associates Ltd. as System Administrator in last May. I had to manage a number of their servers mostly using cPanel and providing system level supports to the customers. I have enjoyed the work there as I have faced a lots of issues with cPanel and learned how to deal with them. Though I don’t have any plan to build my career as system administrator, I believe the gained experiences will help throughout my developer life.

In December, I have decided to resign from my position for a number of reason. The first and the biggest reason is my current physical problem for which I need quite long time full rest. Allah knows how much I can rest  indeed. Some other minor reasons are, I started believing that I am becoming lazy there as the workload is not high. I wish and able to take more workload. Low workload means low learning to me. Moreover, I would enjoy working in team specially under supervision of some experts that would help me gaining knowledge faster.

Yesterday I have submitted my resign letter. However, I have to serve until January 31, 2010 for shifting my duties to new incumbent.

This job was the first full time job for me.  The decision to resign was very tough one. I will miss the superb friendly environment of Athena Software Associates. I will miss all the colleagues of Athena.