Surprise your friends!

Do you want to read mind of your buddy members? Or at least do want to know earlier they are going to type anything for you on the messenger? I believe, you friend will call you magician 😉 when you can it ;).

Pidgin is a fantastic Instant Messaging software. Using this software you can simultaneously login to Yahoo!, GMail, MSN, AOL and so on. Moreover, you can use multiple accounts for each. I have 3 Yahoo! ID. I stay logged on to all of them simultaneously. Now lets move to our point.

Pidgin has many plugins to use. Using its Psychic Mode plugin you can be that magician. I love it.

What it does actually?

When you have this plugin enabled, you will automatically open a chat window as soon as someone started typing something for you. For example, you friend clicked on your id from his messenger and started typing something, you will instantly get a message that your friend is writing something. Then by telling hi, you can really surprise him! Whenever I get the alert, I reply ‘Hello, what you wanna say?’. They became astonished thinking how I could know that he is writing to me. When they ask me I reply ‘I know magic’ :-).

Psychic Mode plugin is attached with the main installation of Pidgin. Just install Pidgin and enjoy!