Joomla 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook Review

Well, I came to this book  when I was looking for a Project Management Tool inside Joomla. It is because, I am working on a project where clients handles several persons (developers, researchers etc.) and he wants to manage the tasks himself that he assigned to others. Being familiar with Joomla, it is comfortable for him to get something inside Joomla.

While searching for an easy manual for him, I somehow found this book. When I got this book, I found exactly what I wanted in its 7th Chapter where it discussed about ProjectFork. I found that it is clearly and easily described how to configure & us Projectfork. Moreover, sufficient number of images/screenshots have been included on every sections. Sometimes images talk much than texts.

Now I can recommend the same book to Project Owner so that he can take help from it too. I am sure, it will be quite easy for him to use ProjectFork following this book.

I have read few other chapters (for example: chapter about Docman as it will also be needed in this project) and I am amazed to see its lucid descriptions. In every section, there are sufficient screenshots that will greatly help the newbies, the book is mainly intended to. Overall it contains more than 80 recipes of doing something with Joomla. The interesting part is that, you don’t need any programming skills for following these. Little familiarity with Joomla will be sufficient to follow the guidelines. However, the numerous screenshots are included which will make the reading comfortable.

The reader of this book will learn the following things (copied from original site): Continue reading →

Recaptcha with AJAX application, get new challenge using JavaScript

Currently, I am working on a commercial project (for me) that will be dedicated to the soul of Michael Jackson. I have used some AJAX based interface where I have used reCaptcha challenges to fight spamming. The form where I have used reCaptcha, will be submitted through AJAX calls. As the page won’t reload, the same captcha challenge exists even the user makes a mistake during filling the form.  I wanted to show a new challenge each time he/she makes a mistake. I thought, I will be in trouble in this part! However, I have seen it is extremely easy to get a new challenge. Continue reading →

Simple Ajax Feedback Form

This is a very simple ajax feedback form. just download the zip, extract, change two variables in the contact.php page.

You are ready to upload files in server. Just upload, your ajax feedback form is ready. Enjoy receiving feedback from visitors 🙂


Professional Ajax

Professional Ajax by Nocholas C. Zakas, Jeremy McPeak, Joe Fawcett is a fantastic book on AJAX which is the common buzzword now a days.

This book starts with the evolution of Ajax with in-depth discussion of many related technologies of Ajax. Very lucidly it described from beginning to advances technologies like Ajax Patterns, XML, XPath, XSLT, RSS/Atom, JSON, Webservice etc. The book has dealt with many practical examples even with some projects like Widgets and Ajax base mail system. They covered Ajax Frameworks for PHP, JSP and .NET too. Continue reading →

Ajax application

Though late, at last this morning I finally started working on Ajax seriously. I know, I am too late to this field.

Its very interesting. I know ajax since more than 6 months. But I could not get started bcoz I always feel uneasy with Javascript. But from few days, I m getting much interest on Javascript and hence I started working on Ajax. Continue reading →

AJAX and PHP, upgrades your sense

Ajax-php bookThis book, AJAX and PHP::Building Responsive Web Application, is one of the best book I have as it discussed the technology not only in theoretically but also with all real life example. The real life examples of this book were very attractive as the authors have shown how to make Chat Client, Google like Suggest & Autocomplete, Form Validation, Drag & Drop, RSS Feeder, Grid, Ajax based Charting etc. The book did not always treat readers as experts. So discussed many elementary things of technologies (like Javascript, XML, DOM) involved in AJAX. Another great thing, some examples’ work flow are shown in Flowchart which will enhance readers’ experience. The most helpful thing is that all codes are very very well commented. So, if anyone having basic idea on these techs can read this book. Continue reading →