Adsense – Adwords bridge

Currently Google’s Adsense and Adwords are two separate but integral service. That is Adwords is for advertisers who want to advertise their products and/or services. On the other hand, Adsense is for site owners (publishers) who sell add spaces on their site.

Long ago I mailed google regarding a bridge between these two service. What would n fact it do?

Currently to advertise by Adwords we need credit card. But this bridge could eliminate this problem. Adsense publisher could be easily converted as advertisers. For the blessings of this bridge, the publishers of adsense can transfer their funds (that is approved for delivery) to adwords so that they can again spend those funds in advertising their own product/services. In this way, google would earn more profit as well as the publishers.

After my mail they replied me their usual ready made message “Adsense is currently a very young program. Your suggestion is very helpful for us……” 🙂

Wish one day google will do it;).