Twitter can also be a source of traffic for your site

When I started studying on SEO, I came to learn twitter does not have a good link building/back link value as it adds nofollow to all links! So, I was not concentrating on it! However, suddenly I found a site where I can get followers and experiment a few things. I have to earn points by following others and in exchange of those points, I will get followers! I did not have much time to do that! So, I purchased their  paid membership for 7 days! In seven days I got more than 700 followers and still counting!

When the number of followers crossed 250, I thought I can now start my experiments! I was working on a completely new site (about 1 month old) which is not still very familiar to Google too! I added its feed to FeedBurner and socialized it to post the updates to my that twitter account. On my site, I have a few thousands of contents but all were not published! I made a Drip Publishing plugin that publishes selected number of contents each hour (It can also randomize the timestamp and spin based on thesaurus). So FeedBurner was regularly tweeting as soon as a new content is published!

Traffics from Twitter

Almost immediately, I noticed that I started getting traffics from twitter! You can look at the picture to realize how it was increasing. However, you may notice the drop of traffics after the spike. It was because my mistake that resulted the site feed not working! After I fixed the error, traffic started coming again!

So, I think twitter can be good source of traffics and I will now concentrate getting more followers for my twitter account ;)!