Swords and sandals – a very popular flash game

I never thought a flash game is so popular online! Recently while doing some traffic related study I found a site which receives 60% of its search engine traffic to only one game named Swords and Sandals ! There are most than one versions of Swords and Sandals! Most interesting is that only version 2 that means Swords and Sandals 2 receives about 80% among previous 60%. I tried to play it for a while and I found it is interesting!

Google Trends

This was the general scenario of single site. I wanted to search a bit more! From Google Keyword tool, I found astonishing result! Swords and sandals are queried on google more than 1 million times per month! Though it appears it is very popular flash game online, Google Trends, however, shows a slight consistent fall of the keyword ‘Swords and Sandals’ from June, 2010.

Another interesting thing is that, ‘swords and sandles‘  keyword is also popular but guess what? It is spelling mistake! So, if anyone is targeting keywords for his/her site, should not only target correct spelling! They should also target and look around what are the typos people are searching with.