Google Wonder Wheel – your magic tool

Recently I am trying to learn website optimization for search engines (isn’t it better than saying Search Engine Optimization?). I am feeling liable to share those on my blog mainly for two reasons:

1. The experts will be able to catch my misunderstandings and advise better thing!

2. The novices (than me, if any) will get some basic idea from these sharing!

Today I am going to tell about a tool that I got exactly at the moment I needed it. It is Google Wonder Wheel which is a real wonder. Sad is that I knew about it after more than 1 year of its launching. It is released on May, 2009. However, better late than never :D.

As an end user (rather than webmasters)  we often search google with any keyword and google gives a lots of results that we often do not find what we sought. We try to be specific about our keywords to narrow down expected search results. However, most of the time we have to brainstorm for a specific keyword and often, sadly, we end with frustration.

Google Wonder Wheel

In fact Google has different tools for finding related keywords but mostly for webmasters. Again we can affect the expected search results using different advance search options! However, people are rarely tend to use that. Google Wonder Wheel is a blessing for us. It shows  a number of related keywords around the wheel circling the main keyword. When we click any related keyword considering it as main keyword, it will open another wheel with related keywords around it. In this way you can find you most specific related keyword. Moreover, it will not only show the related keywords, it will also bring the search results of the main keyword on the right side.

How to use?

Google Wonder Wheel

Search any keyword on Google and hit submit button (not the lucky button). When search results come, on the lift side click More search tools. You will see some options. Click on the Wonder Wheel link and you will get a new page where you will wonder :).

This tool can be extremely helpful specially if you are a webmaster trying to find a keyword for making niche websites :).