WordPress Read Counter Plugin

WordPress Read/Hit Counter Plugin

When WordPress was in 1.5x tree, I have designed a WordPress theme. But I did not ever made a plugin for it though I have studied much on the plugin development system. Actually it was not needed. Every time I need something, I get it online :-). But today I thought I should have some hands on experience on WordPress Plugin Development.

So I started with a very simple plugin. Its a hit counter. I think, there may have a lot of, even nicer, such plugins for WordPress. But still I made my one. Its v0.5 release.


  • It can count number of times a post is viewed (currently do not work with pages)
  • You can view an additional column on Manage -> Post screen. There you will see the number of views of each post
  • You can Enable / Disable counting from Settings -> Read Counter
  • You can Enable / Disable counting on Homepage items. It means, when Disabled, when someone visits your homepage, views/counter will not get changed. So counter will update only when someone reads your single post.


I have developed this plugin using WordPress 2.6.2. But it is also running fine on 2.6.1. I could not check it on older versions.


Installation is simplest. Just upload the readCounter.php to your plugins (wp-content/plugins) directory. Login to Admin panel of WordPress. Activate the plugin from Plugins section.

You can change the settings from Settings -> Read Counter.

Suggestion is appreciated.

Download Plugin

  • Hello I’m new as a newborn on WordPress. (actually on web developement too)
    I want to add a simple hit counter on my sidebar
    how can I do that.
    The web page I’m trying to develop is still under construction because as I said I’m new to this and I’m having some small dificulties

    I installed the plugin. activated it enabled it from settings.. now.. where is the magic number I need to see???

  • admin

    Hello Pavlos,
    after installation you will the magic numbers in Manage -> Posts section.

    I am also releasing a upgrade of this plugin using which you will be able to show the number of hits in your posts too.

    thanks for using it.

  • Installed it no problem.

    Would love to see an update that lets me post the number of hits in each post. Should be fairly easy to do.

  • Chris

    Hey ever get any updates to this. Im using it on 2.6.3 but its not showing the count. Would love if it could display how many times it was viewed on the post itself?


  • i have failed to use this plugin. I have tried this for my 2.6.3 version. is there any problem ?

  • Patrick

    I’v been searching for months to find a plugin that does what your plugin does. I tested many other plugins but they where never perfect.
    Now i have found your plugin and it is perfect. Just what i wanted. Thank you very much for it.
    There was 1 problem with installing it. I needed to make a new field in the database because the plugin didn’t do it. But that was just a small problem. Maybe it needs to be fixed in your plugin. I’m using WordPress version 2.6.2.

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  • Martin

    you can fix litte bug in your plugin
    file: readcounter.php
    line: 95
    now : $text = str_ireplace(‘%x’,$post->post_read_count,$text);
    change to : $text = str_replace(‘%x’,$post->post_read_count,$text);

    chnge: str_ireplace to str_replace

    have nice day

  • admin

    what is the problem with ireplace?

  • I used you plug-in just now in my blog. It’s great.

    You can develop more plug-ins for us.

  • Hi,
    yes, there is a problem at the line 95 and I change “ireplace” by “replace”.
    I don’t know why because on my other blog, I didn’t change that and it work well…

    Thanks for this plugin. 😉

  • I cant download your Plugin 🙁

  • Same here, I can’t download the Plugin 🙁

  • no matter which blogging site you use, you can have Gostats Page counters.

  • Ben

    it’s working ! Thanks