WordPress Read Counter Plugin

WordPress Read/Hit Counter Plugin

When WordPress was in 1.5x tree, I have designed a WordPress theme. But I did not ever made a plugin for it though I have studied much on the plugin development system. Actually it was not needed. Every time I need something, I get it online :-). But today I thought I should have some hands on experience on WordPress Plugin Development.

So I started with a very simple plugin. Its a hit counter. I think, there may have a lot of, even nicer, such plugins for WordPress. But still I made my one. Its v0.5 release.


  • It can count number of times a post is viewed (currently do not work with pages)
  • You can view an additional column on Manage -> Post screen. There you will see the number of views of each post
  • You can Enable / Disable counting from Settings -> Read Counter
  • You can Enable / Disable counting on Homepage items. It means, when Disabled, when someone visits your homepage, views/counter will not get changed. So counter will update only when someone reads your single post.


I have developed this plugin using WordPress 2.6.2. But it is also running fine on 2.6.1. I could not check it on older versions.


Installation is simplest. Just upload the readCounter.php to your plugins (wp-content/plugins) directory. Login to Admin panel of WordPress. Activate the plugin from Plugins section.

You can change the settings from Settings -> Read Counter.

Suggestion is appreciated.

Download Plugin