WordPress Plugin :: Adult Post Marker

Hey! Here is my another wordpress plugin. Using this plugin, you can mention a post as inappropriate for non-adult and ask viewer his/her before showing the content to him. If age given age is below your Minimum Age requirement (configurable from settings page), then the viewer can’t see the content.

Moreover, a cookie is set so that persistent tries also restrict from seeing the content. Allmost everything of the plugin can be reconfigured from plugin configuration page.

This plugin is tested with WordPress 2.6.2 and 2.7


Feedback is appreciated.

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  • I think there are some bugs.
    I put 27 in age field, it tells me “Error 404”.

  • admin

    can u please check it again. I just checked and got it working.

  • Jack

    Question for you. Can you code it so that instead of asking for a person’s age, it asks for their birthday?

    A lot of media outlets require publishers to ask in that fashion, as asking for the age (seemingly) is asking them to simply say they are of age, and therefore not a true age check.

    Anyhow, nice work so far, looking forward to any updates and improvements you may have to offer in the future.

  • Quite useful. Saves some time.

  • Hi\Hello I am having a problem seeing your posted comments on my Vista machine.
    Just wanted you to know.

  • The HungryCoder

    Thanks for letting me know. However, can you kindly post what error you faced?