WordPress Blog/Post Reorder

Until this plugin takes birth, the blog posts of WordPress were arranged on post’s date/time basis. The latest post will be in front and the earlier posts will sink.

From a few days, I was planning about this plugin. I am excited at this beta release of it.

Using this plugin, posts can be reordered or reorganized. Now you can set how blog posts should come one after another. By default, the posts are displayed on time basis. The latest created post comes at first. But now you can set the order in a array of ways. You can also define custom ordering.


  1. Upload the archive in plugins directory of WordPress and unzip.
  2. Visit plugin section of your WordPress blog.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Visit Settings -> Blog Reordering.
  5. Perform your reorganization and Save it.

This plugin is fully free to use in personal/non commerical sites. Please contact me for commercial usages.

Download from official repo


  • 08-12-08: All planned features are implemented. So RC1 is released for testing and bug fixing.
  • 07-12-08: Beta 2 is ready now. Download the archive and replace old files and then reactivate the plugin.


  • The sticky feature is conflicting with WordPress 2.7 as this version has this feature by default. This bug will be fixed soon.

I am cracked due to pressure of other projects too. So I am highly requesting people to provide me feedback.

  • Thats coooool. 🙂
    This plugin seems joomla feature. Thanks for the plugin. Please keep it up.

  • Ya, its working fine.

  • It is a good plugin. Thanks man

  • wow! I got a new idea from your plugins. going to hacks 😉

  • moon

    আজাইরা কমেন্ট করার জন্য ভালো যায়গা খুইজা পাইলাম না। তাই আপনার জাইরা পোস্টের … ১২ বাজাইলাম! O:)

    felicitating মানে কি??? :'(

  • Nice tool 😀

  • Love your weblog. I have bookmarked it!

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  • Because it has lot more plugins, i have moved my blog from WordPress to Drupal. Drupal 6.0 has really nice features and if you can then visit once. I have wordpress on some blogs and will this plugin and then let you know about the performance.

  • dick face

    awesome app.. php code line 38 crashed my site.. had to delete the dir. what a tub of shit.

  • Tia

    hi! I like your colour set! it’s something cool! you know there are plenty of talented programmers but they are mostly tasteless unfortunately… but i like your style! keep on doing!

  • I can’t get the reordering to work. I click the up and down arrows, and they move correctly, but when I view the site live, nothing has budged.

    I tried the decending and ascending drop-downs above, but still nothing. What am I doing wrong? How do I use this thing?

    If I click ‘disable’ does that disable the *whole* plugin, or just that top section? What happens if I select conflicting reordering settings? Could this be the problem. Need some more clear documentation as to how to use.


  • arash

    I’m having trouble with the stickiness of a post. There is a particular post I wish to appear at the top always. And all other posts should be after it in descending order by date.

    I have Primary Ordering set to “Ordering – Ascending” and Secondary set to “Post Date – Descending”. And I made sure my sticky post has a Ordering value of 1 and all other posts have a value higher than 1 in the section at the very bottom where you can order the posts.

    But every time I add a new post the default ordering value it gets is 1 and ends up at the very top.

    Is there a way to make sure new posts get an ordering value of 2 by default?

    Maybe I’m doing the sticky post thing all wrong. Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks much.

  • admin

    I have got some bug report. Need to fix those. But problem is that when people reporting problems, they never mention which version they were using. If they would, I could test on that version.
    Just after development of this plugin I have found that sticky post does not work in 2.7.x as wordpress itself has this feature.

    please everybody mention version and as much information as possible.

    yeah, I am concerned about this problem that new posts gets order 1. But i am not getting any concrete idea of how to solve it. May be I need to review joomla’s code and get an idea. so far I think, I may need to rearrange all posts while creation/saving of a new post.

    Can anybody suggest better idea?

  • mesonto

    Any plans to make your plugin work with WordPress v2.8? As of now I receive \internal service error\ with your plugin enabled.

  • admin

    Long time I could not work on it! I will try to have a look as soon as possible when I get a moment. Thanks

  • mesonto

    Thank you for your quick response, I really appreciate it and your plugin, of course.

  • Nice plugins very useful
    Thanks for share

  • I have WordPress 2.8, and I love the idea of this plugin, but it doesn’t work. Whenever I change the order, it gives me a message saying “Settings could not be saved.” Is this plugin compatible with WP 2.8?

  • Does anyone know of a plugin that will allow the visitor to click a link or button and re-order the posts on that page “on the fly”?


  • Great plugin. Just what I need.
    Seems to work on 2.9.2, too (so far so good).
    It would, however, be great to be able to see the posts’ category (even better if one could filter on that, but making it visible would be helpful).
    On my site I show the news category on the front page, and that is the only category I need to reorder/sort, so you can understand my wish.

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  • David

    Hi, great plugin! I just wondered if its possible to have mutiple blog pages that use different ordering. I have one page that I want ordered alphabetically and another I need ordered numerically…

    Any ideas? 🙂

  • The HungryCoder


    But I am not clear. This plugin is used for sorting blog posts. Ordering Pages is not relevant here.

  • David

    Sorry, I wasn’t very clear.
    I have 2 pages which pull in different posts (so essentially 2 seperate blogs on the same site). I need to order one set of posts by date and one set of posts alphabetically. Make sense?

  • The HungryCoder

    well, this is not exactly what this plugin is made for. sorry.

    however, if you have two separate pages, you can easily get this result with simple query change. For example, to list alphabetically,

    and to sort numerically (ID):

    more info:

  • David

    Many thanks, much appreciated!

  • David

    Sorry to have to re-visit!
    I dont seem to have a ‘get_posts’ in my template. I’ve got the following:

    while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    get_post_meta($post->ID, “page_id”, true);

    Is there any way I can insert the ‘orderby=ID&order=DESC’ into one of these?

  • The HungryCoder

    I was suspecting same :).
    Please read this for more info: