WordPress Blog/Post Reorder

Until this plugin takes birth, the blog posts of WordPress were arranged on post’s date/time basis. The latest post will be in front and the earlier posts will sink.

From a few days, I was planning about this plugin. I am excited at this beta release of it.

Using this plugin, posts can be reordered or reorganized. Now you can set how blog posts should come one after another. By default, the posts are displayed on time basis. The latest created post comes at first. But now you can set the order in a array of ways. You can also define custom ordering.


  1. Upload the archive in plugins directory of WordPress and unzip.
  2. Visit plugin section of your WordPress blog.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Visit Settings -> Blog Reordering.
  5. Perform your reorganization and Save it.

This plugin is fully free to use in personal/non commerical sites. Please contact me for commercial usages.

Download from official repo


  • 08-12-08: All planned features are implemented. So RC1 is released for testing and bug fixing.
  • 07-12-08: Beta 2 is ready now. Download the archive and replace old files and then reactivate the plugin.


  • The sticky feature is conflicting with WordPress 2.7 as this version has this feature by default. This bug will be fixed soon.

I am cracked due to pressure of other projects too. So I am highly requesting people to provide me feedback.