What the hell is happening with Akismet spam filter?

From two days I got more than 50 spam comments in my blog that is not automatically marked as spam by Akismet. But when I check the comments and click ‘Check for spam’ it is then identifying them as spam. I don’t know why it don’t work automatically as it was doing earlier.

I tried reinstalling but with no luck. Anyone has any idea regarding this or faced same issue?

  • I don’t use Akismet now, its just way too old and does not learn! You should try Defensio which is better at catching spam than Akismet and learns from behavior. In starting, you will need to train it for anout 1/2 days(it will catch most spam during this period but not all) and after that, it automatically improves! I have been using it for 2 months and it catches most of the spam.