Simple Ajax Feedback Form

This is a very simple ajax feedback form. just download the zip, extract, change two variables in the contact.php page.

You are ready to upload files in server. Just upload, your ajax feedback form is ready. Enjoy receiving feedback from visitors 🙂


  • Ahh… very simple but
    Ahh… very simple but smart!! 9.9 on 10

    well,,there should be a home page link or something like that.. at least after submitting the feedback user can’t use back key… so i made a small chg on it.. here u go–

    search for:
    echo ‘

    Success! Your Email has been sent. Hope you enjoyed your stay.


    replace with:
    echo ‘

    Success! Your Email has been sent. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

    Back to Home


    ** = your site… u know 😉

    @ all user

  • oops! tag was enabled.. ..
    oops! tag was enabled.. .. lol

  • hungrycoder

    hmmm………… can
    hmmm………… can always do it ;).

    thanks, in next version i may include this. Unfortunately its not working with Bangla :(. have to release a new version with Bangla.

  • Henry

    Nice, just needs spam
    Nice, just needs spam prevention or it’s useless ! :-0

  • Ammy

    I’ve tried this script, it’s
    I’ve tried this script, it’s great except it send 2 copies of the email to my inbox.. so everytime someone clicks “send email” it sends the same email to me twice… would you know any reason why?

    Thank you.

  • hungrycoder

    I have used this
    I have used this script but did not found any such problem. I tested it one week ago too; received a single mail on each click.

    thanks for using the script

  • Toobad

    Did I miss something??!?!
    Did I miss something??!?!

    I installed the files as recommend, however, just perusing through the code and what not, I don’t see anything that actually sends the mail messages. Still waiting on the email 🙂 Also does the recipient email address in the contact.php file have to be from the originating domain of the site/form?

  • Toobad

    Never mind my last post…It
    Never mind my last post…It works like a charm. Thanks a bunch!

  • mehedi hassan

    Simple but Josh hoise…………….

  • it’s great!

  • Hi,
    I´m looking for a simple Contact form, that gives the writer a short reply on his comment. so i just try out yours…

  • well, something like: “thanks for your comment, we will contact you as soon as possible” wouldnt be too bad

  • admin

    You can edit the script easily! Just have a look!

  • hmm. Very good script.
    I am now working with this type of work.
    Hope it will help me very much.
    Thank you very much too to develop this. 🙂

  • nice Work! Thanks