Show RSS Feed within a WordPress Post – In Post RSS Feed plugin

This idea, showing a relevant RSS Feed at the end of the post, came to my mind day before yesterday. That time, I had to install the wp-exec plugin that can handle PHP codes inside the post. Using that, I have included an RSS Feed at the end of the post to show live contents from external site.

However, that is not suitable for all. All wordpress users don’t know PHP. Moreover, it is not simply process. if you make a syntax error, you take a lots of trouble. So, I thought, I will make it simple. And yes, the initial version is done. I have plan to release an low-cost premium version with many customizable features that I have in my mind.

How it works?

After you install the plugin, you configure it from WP-Admin -> Settings -> In Post RSS link and set the number of items to show and show/hide Feed Title that is given by you as you see in the screenshot below:

Setting Page

In Post Plugin Setting Page

When you edit a post, you will get a meta box like the following where you can mention the Feed Title and Feed URL.

Meta Box

In Post RSS plugin's Meta Box

The configuration is done. Now it’s time to party. Hurray! Visit the post where you have set the feed and you will see contents from the feed as follows.


In Post RSS plugin's Feed Demo

This feed will be updated when new contents are available to the feed. Are you frightened that it may hook your server down? Nope, this plugin uses wordpress built in feed handler that caches the feed to save your ass!

Premium Version

The premium version will come with lots of new features that I will describe later.


Click here for Download page


  • Download the zip file
  • Upload the to your wordpress_root/wp-content/plugins directory
  • Extract the zip (you may also extract before uploading)
  • Go to WP Admin Panel -> Plugins
  • Activate the Plugin.
  • After it is activated, go to Settings -> In Post RSS page to complete the configurations.


At the end of this page, you will see a comment feed from this blog :).

That’s it! Cheers!


The plugin is now in WordPress official plugin repository.