PunBB Warning System

Today I am working on basic PunBB Warning System extension. It is a long expected feature of PunBB and specially a Projanmo Community desire. This extension will work with upcoming PunBB 1.3

In this version admin can define number of warnings an user may get before getting a temporary ban and also number of warnings before getting a permanent ban.

There will be a link on each post of user (in topic view) which will be only viewed by admin/moderators. They can follow the link and send user a warning with warning description.

User may get (can be disabled) an email notification that he got a warning.

When the user got predefined number of warnings, he will get banned automatically.

So far 30-40% work is completed. It needs too much time as I yet to get familiarity with new PunBB.




I have completed the 1st beta release. Please download and check it. Please let me know any suggestion, feedback and/or bug report.

Download Pun Warning Extension