Pun Warning – Warning system for PunBB

Quite long ago, I have developed this extension to warn users due to violating rules in Projanmo Forum. Many asked me for releasing it but I could not release it for various reasons mainly as I could not test in Non-Bangla forums.

Today I decided to release it and so I’ve downloaded punbb and installed and then tested it. Seems it is working fine. So, I am now releasing it.

1. Download and install it as you do other extensions. You will also need to install jQuery extension before installing it.

2. After installation, in the view topic mode, you will see a bell. Click on the Bell to see popup. If you want to see this user’s all warnings, double click on the Bell.

Click the bell

3. Now you have to enter the ‘Reason’ in the textbox and hit submit.

If you check ‘Ban after warning’, it will redirect you to ban page after sending warning.

Enter the warning message

4. Users will get an email like following. You can customize it from extensions/pun_warning/lang/English.tpl

Mail Sample

5. Users will also see a warning count in the top right corner. When clicked, user will see all of his/her warning(s).

See warnings and mark as read

User can also mark it as ‘Read’.

Also Admin/moderators can also delete any existing warnings by going to warning page of user. See step 1 to know how to see current warnings of an user.

I hope you enjoy it! Never forget to give me your feedback, bug reports and suggestions.