OpenLD Top Sites extension

I was searching for a good php based web directory script. Yesterday I got OpenLD, a fantastic fantastic script. Its really scalable script. Anyone can also make Plugins & Extension for this as this script has huge application level hooks to push the script there.

Yesterday, I configured the whole script by investing about 8-10 and now it fully works with full Bangla support.

The script is online

Anyway, after installing & using the script, I missed that something is missing. The script is redirecting the url directly. So i can’t track which website has how many hits and i can’t make a list of Top Sites (max viewed website). So why I don’t start to make it? Yes, I have made it.

Though it has many hooks i have to edit a few lines in the main source files. This may be necessary or may be due to my lack of knowledge.

Download the attached file in this post and follow the steps in the readme.txt file. You must enable extension for it to work.