OpenLD Top Sites extension

I was searching for a good php based web directory script. Yesterday I got OpenLD, a fantastic fantastic script. Its really scalable script. Anyone can also make Plugins & Extension for this as this script has huge application level hooks to push the script there.

Yesterday, I configured the whole script by investing about 8-10 and now it fully works with full Bangla support.

The script is online

Anyway, after installing & using the script, I missed that something is missing. The script is redirecting the url directly. So i can’t track which website has how many hits and i can’t make a list of Top Sites (max viewed website). So why I don’t start to make it? Yes, I have made it.

Though it has many hooks i have to edit a few lines in the main source files. This may be necessary or may be due to my lack of knowledge.

Download the attached file in this post and follow the steps in the readme.txt file. You must enable extension for it to work.

  • Kayahan

    im using openld too, i
    im using openld too, i dont know much about php but i loved what u did u =)
    can u do same thing for categories? i need to know how many people clicked spesific category, u understand me if u check
    peace ^^

  • hungrycoder

    hello Kayahan,
    I think its
    hello Kayahan,
    I think its not hard. It can be obtained using MySQL Joining. For what purpose you want to do that? Do you want to show it publicly or Just to see it from Admin Panel?


  • Due to OpenLDs extension
    Due to OpenLDs extension feature(new in OpenLD 1.1), you don’t have to … Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!,

  • Hey hungrycoder i love u
    Hey hungrycoder i love u :D,

    this is perfect habe lost the plugin. but i cant download it. if u want open the zip file i get a CRC Errror. HEEEELP PLZ

  • hungrycoder

    Hello, I just downloaded and
    Hello, I just downloaded and extracted it. but did not found your reported error. can you please try using any other unzip software?

  • did anyone workout how to have a proper URL rather than having /i/4 in ( at the end? It’s a nice free tool and so far this is the only lack I can see. If I can make it so it displays descriptive URL then this would be one of finest FREE scripts I’d use..unfortunately the openLD site is gone too, so no help there…

    so mr. HungryCoder, if you can work this out then it would be great…finally what’s the extension for Bangla font? have u got the link?
    Here’s my Link Directory that I put together using openLD in about 15 mins. very easy setup.

  • admin

    you can obtain it easily. Login to admin panel -> Option -> select Off from Rewrite Layer drop down menu. thats it.


  • Thanks mate. But that does nothing but changing it to index.php?id=…but I want the actual instead of ..

    Have you done it?

  • admin

    I guess OpenLD doesn’t have that feature. No, I did not need that. and I didn’t need it. You may have to do it yourself.

    But if you require, I can make one for you. If needed, then please contact me to thehungrycoder @ gmail . com (remove spaces plz).


  • seems openld already closed, I can’t access now. 🙁

  • admin

    you can now download it from the link below:

  • Thanks … that url is working.