Facebook Like button for PunBB forum

Facebook likeFacebook like button is a component of its social plugins. It is a great tool of driving traffic to your site. Mashable has a report of increasing referral traffics by 50% by using this Like button.

Considering it as a good tool to drive traffic, I have developed a tiny extension for PunBB bulletin board. When you install this extension, you will find a Like button at the top of Topic View (viewtopic.php). It will also show number of persons liked the topic.

When someone likes a topic, it is showed on their profile page hence to his/her friends. This will open a great window of huge traffics to your forum.



Photo Courtesy: Mashable.com

  • Working পাঙ্খা On PunBB!

  • sarim khan

    :)) :))
    What a picture man ? What we gonna like ? girl or topic ? ha ha ha

  • Hi, great plugin! I installed it but it doesnt work. Do I have to do anything other than installing and activating it through the admin panel? I did change the theme from the default so not sure if the plugin works with other skins. thanks

  • got it to work! actually there was nothing wrong. I had to clear up my cache!!! 🙂 thanks for the great plugin

  • shemul

    wht a picture ….Thanks Coder Bhai for Support us !!

  • Mark

    Hello this looks good.

    How hard would this be to install this on a nuke based site running phpbb2

    Thanks Mark

  • The HungryCoder

    That should not be hard but strong chances are there that something already exists for phpbb. you may google for it!

  • Tony

    Hi. Thank you for this great plugin. I’m planning to setup a punbb forum very soon and I found your website while searching for a facebook connect plugin for punbb. I like your like button plugin and guess I shall be using it but I also want to plead with you to consider creating a facebook connect plugin seeing that you do have the skills for such.

    Fb connect feature is a painful “setback” for punbb because there doesn’t seem to be any one in existence at the moment and there seems to be a high demand for it. This demand is understandable because FB connect is another major tool for growing a site’s membership very fast in today’s world

    So I beg beg beg of you, if you do have the time to spare, pls consider a FB connect plugin for punbb. Some people are even willing to pay for it, just see this thread: http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/22371/facebook-connect-plugin-for-money/

    Thank you bless u