Batch CHMOD for Dolphin Installation

This week, I am working with several installation of Dolphin Community Builder. I had to install Dolphin on several sites. The installation would be easy unless I had not to change permissions of so many nested files and folders. For the installation of Dolphin permissions need to be changed for about 92 files and folders. So, it takes long to do it in file manager. It should take less time in shell. But all clients can’t provide shell access.

So today I have made a small script that automatically changes the required permissions of files and folders to install the Dolphin. Just run it and you get done.

The usage is very straight forward. Upload this script after unzipping the Dolphin archive. Keep it mind, this script must be in the same directory where Dolphin’s files. Then browse the file from your web browser. It will show you the report while it works!

Click Here to Download

Don’t forget to say thanks if it saves your time :-).