cPanel database administering class

It is long time since I have worked with cPanel. My last work was cPanel Email Management  script that enables us to create/delete email accounts from outside of cPanel.

Today I have worked with another cool thing. I have created similar class for database. Using this class, anyone can easily create/delete database and database users.

Current Features:

  1. Create database
  2. Create User
  3. Grant Privileges
  4. Delete Users -> Supports deleting multiple users at a time. See the example in test.php
  5. Delete Database -> Supports deleting multiple databases at a time. See the example in test.php
  6. Check if database exists
  7. Check if user exists


  1. cPanel server
  2. English as language of cPanel
  3. cURL

Please let me know your suggestion if you use this class.

Download V1.0

Special thanks to Sajjad Hossain for helping me during the development.

Update: 02-07-2009
– The class is approved in Click here to visit.

  • Greatz

    Keep it up.

  • Nice effort. It will be helpful.

  • admin

    Thanks both 🙂

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  • Roland

    thanks for this script. I am using it but getting the error Db not created. what can I do to correct this.

  • TheHungryCoder

    The script is quite old and cPanel now has API to do that. I strongly recommend you use their API not this old way of creating databases.